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bar at the old triangle pub

Let’s start with the basics. Where do you go in Moncton to get a decent burger? Pub food, for many is considered “comfort food” and in the long dark winters of New Brunswick, who wouldn’t like a little comfort? I am here to tell you that it’s entirely possible to get a decent burger and fries without resorting to the ignominy of a fast-food chain.

The Old Triangle located on Main St. in downtown Moncton provides very decent food at a reasonable price and a good selection of Irish lagers and ales on tap. The inside has lots of dark wood and a great circular (octagonal?) bar that covers the front and back rooms. The back also has a few “snugs” for quieter outings. The front room frequently has live music on weekends and is pretty spacious.

The burgers are pretty tasty with generous toppings and a nice bun. The beef could be a bit better; I’m guessing the beef patties are premade and frozen. If you don’t feel like a burger, there are other options on the menu ranging from a tasty chicken curry with mushy peas over fries to fish and chips. If you’re looking for more advanced fare, the kitchen has a list of dinner options including lamb stew which I can vouch for.

To be honest, the menu is probably too large by half. I realize you have to have some basic appetizers like chicken wings and nachos on hand to cater to the snacking with pints crowd, but I bet kitchen could cut down on costs and improve on what they offer by making a few judicious cuts. Don’t lose the killeybegs fish and chips though.

Every time I’ve been to the Triangle, service has been good and friendly. The staff is quick to take a drink order and keep things moving at lunchtime when you don’t have time to linger. I can enthusiastically recommend the Old Triangle in Moncton (as well as its sister in Halifax).


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  1. 1 Jim

    Thanks for the e review. I will have to check it out the next time I am in Moncton.

    Do know of any good websites that review some of the attractions for family activities and entertainment. We usually enjoy going to the Beaches in Shediac and Cap Pele during the summer.

  2. family activities are very nice to have, it also strengthens the bond among family members ‘,-

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