The Blue Olive


It’s Halloween and I’m standing in the checkout aisle of the Superstore. Before embarking on this last-minute candy dash, Deb and I decided to fuel up at the Blue Olive with some delicious lebanese sandwiches.

There was a time, not long ago when Moncton was limited to just the Donair for middle eastern sandwich wraps. I don’t fully understand the origin of the Donair and it’s mysterious sauce, but it’s somewhere between a Greek gyro or a Lebanese kebab pita. Little did I know that there was a wide array of pita sandwiches out there in the world to choose from. It could even be said that if there is one unifying theory of humanity, it’s that we want nothing more than to enjoy a delicious sandwich wrapped in a pita with some garlic sauce. They may be universally enjoyed.

The Blue Olive delivers an excellent shawarma. Not too spicy, it’s a savory sandwich in a traditional style. I had mine with fries and a pepsi. Deb had a falafel and tabouleh. At one point, she opined that it may have been the best falafel she had ever had. I remain somewhat more reserved in my praise having enjoyed the Marroush shawarma from Ottawa many times in the past, quite probably the finest example of the species on earth. Nevertheless it was very tasty and the fries were crispy and hot.

We also discovered the small grocery had a bunch of middle eastern and Asian foods. Also a decent spice selection. We picked up some udon and soba noodles for soup on our way out.

So, next time you’re on Paul St. in Dieppe, pass the taco bell and kfc and grab yourself a shawarma.

Happy Halloween!


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