Pink! Sushi

Shrimp tempura carnage

Tempura Vegetables and Shrimp at Pink! Sushi

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a month now but kept putting it off waiting for a better picture. The intervening time to post has not been squandered however, as we’ve been back to Pink! probably 4 more times since our first visit. This intense research has allowed us to cover a good chunk of the tasty tasty menu.

First, an apology to the owners of Pink!. It took us nearly TWO years to try your restaurant. I take most of the blame for this. For some reason, I had it in my head that you couldn’t get good sushi here. On the east coast of Canada. Next to the Atlantic OCEAN. Which, in better times, was chock full of delicious, yummy fish. Well, there are still fish in there if the menu at Pink! is any indication.

I don’t think I’ve had anything that I didn’t like in the half-dozen or so visits we’ve had there. From the sushi, maki and sashimi (the house rolls are fantastic, and I’ve also had good luck with the spider rolls) to the steaming hot bowls of udon noodles, it’s all very very good. One particularly adventurous dish is the Spicy Seafood Udon. If you’re squeamish about eating some of the more tentacley denizens of the ocean, you might have a hard time with this. If not, and you can manage the spicy, give it a shot on a cold winter day. It’s exciting!

If I had anything negative to say, it would be that the salads have a tad too much sauce on them. The broth in the udon soup is a bit salty. But really, I’m reaching here.

If you haven’t been, give this place a try next time you’re looking for something downtown.


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