Top 10 Restaurants in Moncton


Here it is: our 10 favorite places to eat in Moncton. I offer the list without explanation or justification. These are just our favorite places to eat (so far!).

  1. Little Louis’ Oyster Bar
  2. l’Idylle
  3. Pink! Sushi (blogged)
  4. Blue Olive (lunch) (blogged)
  5. The Barnyard
  6. The Pump House
  7. The Old Triangle (blogged)
  8. Taj Mahal
  9. Bogart’s
  10. Hofer’s German Bakery (lunch)

And there you have it. Not a Montana’s or Keg in sight.

There are still several restaurants we want to try but haven’t yet. They may well find a place on this list. If we left off something that you think deserves to be here, put it in the comments!


9 Responses to “Top 10 Restaurants in Moncton”

  1. I love the ‘Blue Olive’ for a lunch – I also end up picking up things for home before I leave.
    I agree with you on ‘The Pump House’ but I have found it very noisy — ‘Bogart’s’ love it but have not been there for some time — Hofer’s German Bakery (lunch) good but I did not like the service; it was great before, with the first owners.
    Thanks for the list. will try to get out to the others you mentioned. . .
    – Steve

  2. Yeah, the Blue Olive’s great. Fantastic selection of middle-eastern and asian foods in their store section.

    The Pump House and Barnyard can be pretty noisy, for sure. They’re always packed so you have to want it. Service is generally pretty snappy though and the food is decent.

    I’ve only been to Hofer’s a couple of times. Generally really good soups, though the service was a bit slow. It has that “family bakery” feel down. Also, gives me a chance to pick up some pretzel buns while I’m there.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. 3 Armen

    Great to see there are at least ten! 😉 warm hug from TO!

  4. 4 Les

    Thank you for this list! I do very much appreciate the no Keg or Montana’s.

  5. I agree about the Pump House being too loud — I wish they’d sort that out, because the food and beer are great. The Old Triangle wins as my favourite pub, and the Blue Olive has fantastic felafel, making it my favourite quick-lunch spot. Unfortunately it’s awfully far from where I work, so it’s an inconvenient occasional treat.

  6. 6 Shayla

    Great list- needs no explanation.

  7. 7 Andre

    Good list.

    Red Satay and Red Pepper are two other favorites of mine…

  8. 8 Calvin

    Cafe Archibald & Pastalli’s are excellent choices as well.
    Very friendly and prompt service at both and quality of food in comparison to pricing is fantastic.

    Either place is great for business meetings or just out with friends. Both have private seating or casual dining.

    Could have made a top 15 list foresure. Alot of quality restaurants in Moncton.

  9. 9 brun

    you left out windjammer wich makes little louis look like a buffet lol

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