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the donair

I have a theory and the theory goes something like this: every culture in the world invents its own sandwich. Some of those inventions travel to other places where they undergo mutation and changes based upon the local culture and availability of ingredients. The sandwiches of the mediterranean are some of the most far-flung sandwiches in the world covering most of the western hemisphere in one form or another. They are also among the tastiest.

The eastern canadian donair (a variation of the doner kebab[2]) is one such mutation. It is a brother of the shawarma and distant cousin of the greek gyro. It is believed that this particular concoction originated in Halifax at King of Donair on Quinpool Road[1]. It is a unique twist on an otherwise popular and well-traveled sandwich. What is interesting, is that the east-coast donair is starting to make inroads into Quebec and Ontario, and from there, who knows?

Enjoyed happily at 2 in the morning after a tough night on the town or just for lunch, these are special treat. Order the small. Large is insanity.

Today’s sandwich came from Freddy’s Pizza in Moncton. They make as good a donair as any other place I’ve tried. And I’ve tried many. Here’s what’s on it, as best as I can describe it:

donair meat (spicy beef)
mozzarella cheese (it’s an optional extra)
donair sauce[3]
hot sauce (cholula)

[3] "condensed milk, sugar, and vinegar" see [1] above


4 Responses to “The Donair (From Freddy’s)”

  1. As a native New Brunswicker, I thought that Donairs were the absolute greatest – until I got to Toronto and had a shawarma – the sandwiches may look similar but that’s where the resemblance ends. Donairs are extremely sweet while shawarmas are very savoury – both are good. If you ever get to the Toronto area, take a trip west to Oakville to Chef’s Door on Winston Churchill Blvd on the Oakville/Mississauga border – they make the absolute best shawarmas

  2. love, love the last

  3. 3 Lesley

    Shawarma made in Vancouver (my hometown) from one of the many Iranian shops -delicious! Or Döner Kebab from a fast food stand in Germany where there are many Turkish immigrants – exquisite! Gyros in Greece are one of the ultimate street foods especially with fries added to the mix and rolled inside the pita. Donair in Atlantic Canada I think can only be appreciated by Maritimers. For me they are far too sweet and I still can’t wrap my head around a sauce made of evaporated milk, sugar and vinegar. 😛 So give me shawarma, dönar kebab or gyros, but, I say “no thank you” to donair in Atlantic Canada.

  4. haha! Thanks, Lesley. I realize full-well. that the Atlantic Canadian (or Halifax) Donair is not a taste for everyone. I still find the sauce weird when I think about it, but I have the cultural advantage growing up here. I love ’em.

    That said, I want to do another post about shawarma here in Moncton. Fadha’s on Main Street and the Blue Olive both make excellent shawarma and I’m overdue.

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