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Here it is: our 10 favorite places to eat in Moncton. I offer the list without explanation or justification. These are just our favorite places to eat (so far!). Little Louis’ Oyster Bar l’Idylle Pink! Sushi (blogged) Blue Olive (lunch) (blogged) The Barnyard The Pump House The Old Triangle (blogged) Taj Mahal Bogart’s Hofer’s German […]

The Blue Olive


It’s Halloween and I’m standing in the checkout aisle of the Superstore. Before embarking on this last-minute candy dash, Deb and I decided to fuel up at the Blue Olive with some delicious lebanese sandwiches. There was a time, not long ago when Moncton was limited to just the Donair for middle eastern sandwich wraps. […]

Let’s start with the basics. Where do you go in Moncton to get a decent burger? Pub food, for many is considered “comfort food” and in the long dark winters of New Brunswick, who wouldn’t like a little comfort? I am here to tell you that it’s entirely possible to get a decent burger and […]